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Stretching it a bit; through this portal it’s possible to gain enough info about books, photos, and travel to practically provide you with a college education. However it won’t take four long years to get through it.

Following are about a half-dozen websites offering various products, including my own self-published books.  There’s also a rather complete travel site where it’s possible to get most anything related to travel.  Oh, and there are also two sites dedicated to photography and one really, really comprehensive site that is a compendium of information concerning river cruises and river cruising throughout the world.

So, here they are. Much of today’s entertainment, especially movies and novels, has links back to events that happened 50 or 60 years ago. (Betcha didn’t know that.)  What transpired during the Cold War era, are the reasons we are what we are. It’s fascinating to find out how we got here.  Quite likely, most people that read this site probably weren’t even born then.  I had a site called Cold War Comm, but unfortunately, it was ruined by some hackers from Baghdad.  So I deleted it.

My first book, The Martinique Diversion, is a short novel; frankly, it’s a pretty good read and is available right now through CreateSpace. Check it out there or at

A brand-new revision with bigger pictures and some updated stuff,  A Wonderful Moment in Time, describes my totally unique one-of-a-kind life during the Cold War in northern Germany. And it’s not exactly what you may think. Many of the guys who “endured” this time with me still have a reunion every two years. Our latest was an Alaskan cruise. You can read more about this fabulous book and order it at my CreateSpace e-store right here or at Amazon.


My latest book, Ten Lives, is completely different as it tells ten short stories of life and times with ten different cats. It includes lots and lots of pictures and is available by clicking on Ten Lives is a short and inexpensive book, but truly entertaining and worth every farthing.

Ten Lives can be also ordered at: CreateSpace

For my European friends, all these books can be ordered through your countries version of Amazon. Well, at least uk, de, es, fr, and it. A Wonderful Moment in Time can be ordered in the UK by typing in The other countries would substitute their appropriate initial letters in place of the uk. The Amazon order numbers for The Martinique Diversion are 1479184985 and Ten Lives, 1466248793.

Bare walls?  I taught photography and art for about 40 years, so I can truthfully say I’m pretty good at it.  Here’s a site dedicated to my photos:

Photo on left is Renoir’s Garden.

At it’s possible to buy many of my photos printed on t-shirts, calendars, mugs, and most anything else that will hold digital ink.

I hope these sites will be helpful.  Don’t be a stranger.  This is a blog, so it’s possible to make comments and suggestions at your whim – as long as they’re positive, I don’t mind.

Going somewhere? provides links to the more common travel websites, but adds many that could introduce the visitor to some really unique and outstanding possibilities. Spend some time. If you are interested in a unique vacation try a River Cruise. There’s tons of info about this quiet and relaxing way to travel on the site, as well. This information took many long months to gather, but I did it because I enjoyed doing it.

One last thing;  Here’s an  article about what to look for in buying a new digital camera.  It contains a wealth of helpful information.

Buying a Digital Point and Shoot Camera – Beyond the Basics

Thanks for viewing and hope to “see” you again; there will be more added as time passes. Thanks, again.

Celebrate our now-famous Capitol with a striking photograph:

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